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Are you a Victim of the Natural Baby Shampoo Hoax?

A trip to the grocery store helped me realize I was a victim of the natural baby shampoo hoax. I'd like to help you uncover the truth. I hope my story will help you to find the safest products for your children.e Grocery Store Transformation The Day that Changed My...

The Most Harmful Deodorant Ingredients to Avoid

The Most Harmful Deodorant Ingredients to avoid is a short list. Instead of a long list of ingredients to watch out for, this list is short. Straight to the point. We're going to talk about the most harmful deodorant ingredients to avoid. The bottom line. Let me share...

How to Eliminate Kids Smelly Armpits for Good

Wondering why your kids smelly armpits are happening earlier than expected? Has your child, toddler, or preschooler has developed body odor and smelly armpits? You are not alone! There are solutions to end the problem. Kids smelly armpits can occur for a variety of...

10 Clever Bath Toy Storage Ideas You Need to See

Looking for some clever bath toy storage ideas? You've come to the right place! These clever bath toy storage ideas will get all those bath toys off the tub floor. Avoid a dangerous tripping hazard. I bet you've stepped on a rubber ducky one too many times! Prevent...

Top 10 – Best Bath Toys to Avoid Sneaky Mold Growth

Looking for the best bath toys to avoid sneaky mold growth? I bet you've had a run-in with a moldy rubber ducky. You're not alone. You've come to the right place! Never cross paths with another moldy bath toy. The solution is to prevent the mold from starting. Once...


3 Shocking Secrets You Need to Know About Bathtime Safety


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