Why Natural?

When was the last time you read the ingredients on your favorite soap, shampoo, or cleaner? You practically need a law degree to decode the long list of unpronounceable ingredients.

Today most store-bought soaps are actually detergents. Ingredients are created in a lab, many derived from petroleum. During WWII the oils used to create soap became scarce. Manufacturers created detergents out of cheap petroleum byproducts to solve the problem. Unfortunately, EPA regulations were last updated in 1938 and fall short of protecting consumers.

Many unsafe and questionable ingredients and additives are used in today’s “soaps” (aka detergents) and cleaners. Those questionable ingredients have been linked to hormone imbalance, allergies, asthma and some have been shown to cause cancer. Learn all about what harmful ingredients are in your deodorant and a simple non-toxic deodorant recipe.

I’m sure you want to avoid the dangerous side effects for your children, yourself and your family. Here is a simple DIY Baby Shampoo and Baby wash recipe. That way you know exactly what’s going on your child’s skin.

Reading the ingredient list of natural soap is a breeze. It should include pronounceable and real ingredients. Ingredients you recognize. The natural oils and fats used to make soap provide essential nutrients for your skin. Natural soaps moisturize and nourish the skin without irritation.

Soap is created by combining oil, water, and sodium hydroxide (often called lye). The ingredients undergo a chemical process called saponification that results in a completely new product – soap. Rest assured, today’s precise measuring ensures no lye remains in the final product. Unlike your grandmother’s harsh lye heavy soap which resulted from inaccurate ingredients measurements.

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