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How to Clean Bath Toys – 5 Genius Hacks to Make it Easy

How to clean bath toys. Not something people really talk about. Right? We assume the soapy bath water will wash away any grime and mold. Yet our shower and bathtub walls need to be cleaned regularly, so should your children's bath toys. Here are 5 genius hacks that...

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Gross Moldy Bath Toys

Have you discovered moldy bath toys in your tub? Maybe just after your little one just got done with a bath? Maybe while they were still bathing? Your Not Alone. I have too! GROSS! There is hope! I'll share my secrets to how I've never found another moldy bath toy...

3 DIY Face Masks to Transform Dull Skin

I'm over at CureJoy today talking about DIY Face Masks and teaching you how to make your own. You need to check this post out! I'll show you have to naturally and easily bring the glow back to your skin. All with 3 simple  DIY Face Masks. They work great and are...

5 Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay & How to Use it

Today I'm over at CureJoy talking about the 5 Amazing Benefits of Bentonite Clay and my favorite tips on how to use it properly. Bentonite clay has been used for centuries for beautiful skin. It's a must-have for your beauty bag! Here's a Sneak Peak: Bentonite clay...

How to Make DIY Baby Shampoo

Learn how to make DIY Baby Shampoo and Body Wash that's really all natural. I bet you're tired of overpaying for natural baby shampoo. Many so-called "natural" baby shampoo is overpriced and not as natural as you'd like to think. Learn more about the natural baby...


3 Shocking Secrets You Need to Know About Bathtime Safety


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